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Signode Strapping Machines


Semiautomatic strapping machine.

HBX-4300 Small anvil

Semiautomatic plastic strapping machine for small bundles

HBX-4300 Large Frame

Semiautomatic plastic strapping machine.

HBX-4330 SS

Automatic stainless steel plastic strapping machine


The Z20 modular strapping system

The Z20 conversion package for lumber and panel strapping machines integrates Sognode's latest technology into a simple to operate and easy to maintain system that will help to improve profitability and reduce down time.


Lumber and Panel packaging system.

ISB In Line Corrugated Unitizer

In-line corrugated bundle squaring and strapping machine.


Corrugated compression strapping system.


Automatic corrugated bundler.


Improve arrival conditions - unitize your loads with the CM-2 automatic compression strapping system.

Z-20 Brick Strapping System

Brick packaging system, simpler, faster more reliable.

LBX-2330 CP

Automatic strapping machine for copy paper.

LBX Magazine

The new standard for magazine bundling.

HBX-4300 SS

Semi-automatic stainless steel plastic strapping machine.


Bulk pallet unitizer for beverage containers.

HBX-4330 Large Frame

Large frame automatic strapping machine

MH-VM Friction Weld

MH-VM Friction Weld modular side-seal plastic strapping machine.

MH-VM Hot Knife

MH-VM Hot Knife modular side-seal plastic strapping machine.

MH-EX Hay Strapping System

MH-EX Hay Strapping System


Semiautomatic and Automatic plastic strapping machines.