About Us

Company Overview

Signode is a global manufacturer of steel and plastic strapping, stretch film, pressure sensitive carton sealing tape and the application equipment and accessory products for each. Our products are used throughout the world in a broad range of industries to secure everything from cotton bales and newspapers to steel coils and corrugated cartons.

What makes us unique is our systems approach to serving customers’ needs. In addition to providing our customers with the packaging materials and the application equipment for each, we also support our product applications with our own technical and engineering resources, operator equipment and safety training and maintenance and repair services.


We believe that innovation is key to our success. Through a firm commitment to research and development, we have earned a reputation for being at the forefront of packaging innovation. We provide our customers with advanced solutions that increase production efficiency, improve load integrity and reduce operating costs. Over the years, we’ve continuously refined our existing products and created new ones to take advantage of evolving technologies and to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. That responsiveness has made Signode the industry leader in protective packaging systems.

Safety in our facilities and yours

At Signode, we are committed to providing our employees and yours with a safe, accident-free work environment. Our Glenview, Illinois manufacturing facility participates in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and has achieved the program’s highest rating — OSHA VPP Star Site. All of our employees take a hands-on proactive approach to safety. Our ultimate goal — zero accidents companywide.

To ensure our customers know how to safely and correctly operate our equipment, we provide operator training and mandatory safety seminars with installations. We also supply our customers with Signode Safety Kits, which include videos and written instructions on how to properly operate our hand tools and power equipment.


We believe that businesses, like consumers, must act responsibly to help make the world a safer, cleaner place. That means carefully evaluating how our products are used, manufactured and disposed of; and utilizing those methods and products that preserve our resources, energy and environment. Several feet of Signode steel or plastic strapping will often replace bulky containers, cartons, bags, stuffing, styrofoam and other packaging and reinforcing materials. We also use fewer packaging materials in our own shipments, recycle the materials we do use, and use recycled materials in many of our products. And we routinely redesign our own packaging to utilize the least amount of packing material we can.