AngleWrap perfect edge to protect your product line

The perfect edge to protect you product line.

  • Greater Strength
  • Eliminates Delamination
  • Prevents Paper Cuts
  • Cleaner Appearance

Edge Protection – Load Stability – Stacking Strength

AngleWrap is made of multiple plies of recycled paper, laminated together and formed into a rigid right angle.


  • Reduces the packaging cost-per-load
  • Increases Strength
  • Is safer to handle
  • Provides a clean, crisp appearance for POD displays
  • Is an excellent replacement for wood packaging
  • Permits higher strap tension for tighter, more secure loads
  • Prevents paper cuts and delamination

Special surface finishes are available, including moisture-resistant and abrasion-resistant coatings. One and two-color printing is also available for branding, product identification and instructional purposes.

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