BPX Lumber and Panel Strapping Machine

The BPX compression strapping system delivers maximum packaging reliability in a simple to operate and easy to use machine. Its streamlined design with innovative, built-in features enables faster cycle times and more consistent package performance.

MAXIMUM LOAD STABILITY: It starts with the unique independent side compression for improved load squaring and alignment. Unlike other systems, the BPX pre-folds edge protectors prior to placing them on the load to ensure consistent strap tension. Battens are precisely delivered to the load and held securely in place until strapping has concluded. Together, these features enable the industry’s fastest and most consistent strapping of lumber and panel packages.

MODULAR STRAPPING HEADS: The BPX system features separate, lightweight strapping heads that are easy to access and remove for maintenance, drastically reducing downtime.

IMPROVED PRODUCTION TIME: The BPX’s automatic load pre-staging prepares the platen and side compression bars to accommodate variable size loads, shortening the cycle time. It’s highly intuitive, user-friendly HMI allows for quick and easy diagnosis of service-related issues.

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