LA4750 Diagraph All-Electric Label Applicator System

LA4750-ALS All-Electric Label Applicator

The Diagraph LA4750 all-electric label applicator system is designed using servo-controlled label dispensing technology and smart sensing controls to achieve precise label placements at high speeds. The system’s industry leading smart technology auto-detects irregularities in operations to intuitively adjust system outputs, ensuring a one-to-one label-to-product match. Reliably apply labels in various applications including to the side, top, bottom and corner-wrap of product, case and pallet panels.

All-electric design
Frees manufacturers from the inconsistencies and high costs of plant air; saving as much as 50% on energy costs

Brushless servo motor
Drives precision label dispensing to achieve superior label placement

Optional line speed encoder
Allows for accurate label placements at variable line speeds

Discrete I/O Card option
Allows the system to interface to a PLC for integration with line controls

Front and Side Label

Top Tamp Label

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