Dispensers For Steel Strapping

Signode offers a wide range of steel strapping dispensers, including:

  • DF-7A – Inexpensive model for mill wound coils. General use.
  • DF-15 – For typical shipping room. Easily loaded with mill wound coils.
  • DF-10RW – Accepts mill wound or ribbon wound coils 3/4″ and 1-1/4″ in width
  • DO-3A – Overhead dispenser for mill wound coils. (Wall and ceiling mounts available)
  • DF-23 – Fits almost anywhere. Pays off from the inside of the coil.
  • DTR-3 – Heavy-duty carloading. Rubber tires for easy mobility. Holds one coil 3/4″, two coils 1-1/4″, and one coil 2″ strapping.
  • DT-1-10RW – Heavy-duty dispenser. Ideal for outdoor use in rough terrain.
  • DH-1-34, DH-1-114, DH-1-2 – For use with heavy-duty strapping.
  • DA-34-114 – Heavy-duty dispenser. Pays off from inside of coil.
  • DF-1-12 – For power equipment only. Dancer arm and brake. Base sold separately.
  • DP-1-12R – Pneumatic reversing dispenser. Generally for power strapping machines with large chute systems.
  • DC-1A – Built-in strap cutter for pre-cutting. Holds any two ribbon wound coils.
  • DPCL – Cuts strapping automatically up to 100 ft. in length.
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