IJ4000 High Resolution Inkjet System

The Diagraph IJ4000 Impulse Jet System is designed to consistently print sharp, high-resolution images on porous surfaces in the most challenging of industrial environments. The enhanced printhead design allows for printing barcodes, graphics and alphanumerics at higher speeds with superior edge definition and contrast for superior legibility and scanner recognition.

Automatic cleaning system can adjust to your unique environment to keep dust, glue and debris from getting inside the printhead nozzles, maintaining excellent print quality

Built-in channel check feature allows all printhead channels to be assessed by the simple push of a button at the printhead level, giving operators the ability to quickly prime the printheads on the spot for maximum print quality

Reinforced roller retractors combined with superior ink throw distances assure quality prints regardless of irregularities in gaps between the printhead and cartons

Smart Ink Delivery System design allows you to control multiple production lines from remote locations while also simplifying ink management across multiple printheads with a single ink supply

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