Manual Hand Tools For Plastic Strapping

Signode’s manual hand tools for plastic(nonmetallic) strapping.

Walking gripper tensioner
Lightweight tensioner/cutter designed for buckle applications with plastic strapping. Provides maximum tension with Steelock or Dylock buckles.

Feedwheel tensioner
A serrated feedwheel grips the strapping and rotates to take up slack. Fast and easy to position and use. Take-up is unlimited, and strapping may be used directly off the coil.

Windlass Tensioner
Applies tension by gripping one end of the strapping and winding the other around a slotted shaft.

Model D-504, D-506 and D-58 front-action sealers have handles that are perpendicular to the strapping. The side-action D-34 sealer is positioned at right angles to the strapping.
To operate, spread the handles, grip the seal between the sealer’s jaws and push the handles together.

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