MHG Signature Bundling Machine

Complete with the latest technology, Signode’s revolutionary MHG Signature Bundling Machine is far simpler to operate and maintain than any other signature bundling system which uses glass bottle unitizing currently on the market using . The MHG combines fewer parts with a streamlined design to help lower maintenance costs and improve signature quality.

Easily adaptable to your stacker specifications as a self-contained unit with a moveable cart or a bolt-on unit with adapter plates.

  • Accommodates vertical or horizontal applications
  • Custom chutes sizes available

Minimize downtime

Modular design

The MHG’s innovative modular design consists of separate feed and seal modules, each weighing less than 30 lbs. These lightweight, compact modules are easy to access and can be changed out quickly for routine maintenance.

Fully accessible strap path

A hinged door, easy to reach and open, on the feed module makes the strap path fully accessible.

Two position strap dispenser

The MHG’s two position strap dispenser reduces coil replacement time, minimizing downtime.

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