SMB CROSS-The fully automatic cross-strapping-line

  • Very good accessibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Highest rate of availability


  • ASLF ‘Anti-Strap-Loss-Function’ constant strap control
  • Automatic Strap feed
  • Strap width 5-12mm, either
  • DAT ‘Direct-Access-Technology’
  • The exclusive eject function avoids strap jam
  • Torque controlled strap tension, adjustable
  • Upstream and downstream interlocks
  • Conveyor speed adjustable
  • Green Tech energy concept, low power consumption
  • High-Speed-Kit, optional
  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Machine movable
  • MFT ‘Mono-Frame-Technology’
  • Bundle stops, optional
  • Bundle press, optional
  • SAO ‘Safe and Open’- Safe without protection doors
  • Table height adjustable
  • Bundle flow control
  • Wear-free, energy saving direct-drive-motors
  • Low maintenance and low wear strap arch
  • Quality standard equipment
  • Many specific options available, easily configurable.

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