Strapex Plastic Strapping

Strapex Nonmetallic Strapping

Our line includes:

PP (Polypropylene) Strapping

  • For light packaged goods
  • For packages, loose bundles and newspapers and magazines
  • Security for valuable goods
  • Safe transport of fragile products
  • For manual or mechanical strapping
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations from –18°C to +50°C*
  • The economic solution to general logistic and transport security

PET (Polyester) Strapping

  • For the secure transport of palletised goods of all kinds
  • UV resistance makes it suitable for storing goods in the open air
  • Resistant against – handling and transport-related stresses such as vibration and climatic influences such as damp or temperature fluctuations from –30°C to +80°C* (for goods that may shrink or stretch)
  • For manual or machine strapping
  • The strong alternative to steel straps providing cost-saving, less damage to the surface and edges of packaged goods, less risk of injury when cutting the strap and easier handling of strap rolls

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